What’s the Song on the Samsung Wireless Charger Commercial?

Samsung Wireless Charging Commercial

Samsung Wireless Charging CommercialWhat’s the Song on the Samsung Wireless Charger Commercial?

Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head after you hear it on a TV commercial? Of course you have. It can be frustrating if it’s an annoying jingle but sometimes you may actually want to know the name of the song so that you can buy it or stream it or whatever. When I saw the Samsung Wireless Charger commercial, I was not annoyed. It’s a catchy tune and I wanted more. So I figured I could find it on Spotify or Amazon Prime Music. But no luck.

The reason I couldn’t find it at first was because I was searching for “What’s the Nicki Minaj song on the Samsung commercial”. And I even listened to just about every one of the Nicki Minaj songs on all of the streaming services too. I couldn’t find it because it isn’t Nicki Minaj.

So what’s the song on the Samsung wireless charger commercial? The name of the artist is Lady Leshurr and the name of the song is Queen’s Speech Ep. 4. And it seems like a lot of people have found this video way before I did because it has over ten million views already.

It turns out the whole song is better than the little bit they played in the commercial. I think that Samsung and their wireless charger missed a big opportunity here and should have included the part about brushing your teeth.

Here’s the lyrics to Queen’s Speech Ep. 4, 

I hold it down like a Snapchat
Go over your head like a snapback
Uploaded a pic, double tap that
And your flow’s so old, granddad (bruh)
It’s just banter
I’m way too much like a black cab (ay boss)
Why you Snapchatting in the club for?
Just dance, man
Like yo famalam, yo fam, yo famalam
Ain’t no gal badder than
I’m on the roads, caravan
Let me do this fast, Ramadan
Cause it’s going down, avalanche
I’m a keep it short, paragraph
Queen Lesh, I’mma reign, anorak
Take it off his rail, Nazareth
Oh Jesus, oh Lord, oh Jesus
A couple of snakey friends just Adam and Eve’d us
And there’s no debate on who’s better
I’ll turn a man to a girl like Bruce Jenner
I shell down the dance like bruuuuaaaaaa
Mi bruck down di dance like bruuuuaaaaaa
Dudududu, dudududu
I be the one they love, I be the don
They know where I’m from
01 to the 21, yo bredrin
Where has your hairline gone?

I can’t believe it, I can’t believe the cheek
Some girls wake up and don’t even brush their teeth
That’s a dead ting, that’s a bad breath ting
How could you talk my name and you ain’t even brushed your teeth?

Brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth

Bars cold like a tip top
You’ve got a pot belly like Rick Ross
Stiff gal do the tick tock
Big mouth gal, where’s your lips gone?
I ain’t got time to be ticked off
But I got a new wristwatch
Let’s go toe to toe, flip flops
I’ll make the crowd jump like Kris Kross (jump, jump)
I’ve got a dark skin friend that looks like Rachel Dolezal
And I’ve got a light skin friend that looks like Rachel Dolezal
Which one’s which? Not sure
Dem gal are clapped, encore
Don’t think you’re buff cause you’re wearing contour
Cause I’ll wipe your brows off
I’ll snatch your wig and your nails off (Bye Felicia)
I go blind, hands out
Like I’m at the nail shop
Look, these girls are bluffin’
They really ain’t on nuttin’
You can’t do dirt on me
(Are you gonna go and get your cousin?) What?
Everyting ain’t rosy, I beg you not
I’ll Queen Latifah and set it off
Then I bounce like a belly flop
Got one eye on your man, Fetty Wap
Yeah baby, I’m getting gwop
Watch me like Netflix
You go to the club
But you ain’t got dough for your gas and electric, dead ting

I can’t believe it, I can’t believe the cheek
Some man wake up and don’t even brush their teeth
How could you do that? How could you even speak?
How could you talk my name and you ain’t even brushed your teeth?

Brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth



If you check the iTunes charts in the Metal category, you’ll find a group called Babymetal holding the number one position. The music is definitely metal, there’s a thunderous drum beat and kick ass guitars but the vocals aren’t quite what you’d expect. The lyrics are sung by three young girls in a Japanese pop star fashion.

Babymetal is sort of a cross between Hello Kitty and Iron Maiden. It’s hard to describe but one thing is certain. You haven’t seen anything like it before and I really like it.

This song is called, “Gimme Chocolate”.

This song is called MEGITSUNE

Chipotle’s The Scarecrow

Chipotle's The Scarecrow

Chipotle’s The Scarecrow

Chipotle's The Scarecrow

If you’re into stories of dystopian futures where evil corporations oppress their customers in the name of profit, only to be thwarted by one person’s refusal to give in, then you need to check out the new Chipotle commercial.

Yes, you read that correctly. This underdog story is about a scarecrow who is on a “quest for wholesome, sustainable food” and it’s was made by burrito giant, Chipotle. It’s basically a cry out against factory farming and processed food. In the end, the scarecrow quits his job working for the big corporation, grows his own food and opens a small food stand.

Chipotle has released a new iOS game with that same scarecrow taking on Crow Foods Incorporated and this is the accompanying video. It’s pretty good for a free game as you have “to join the scarecrow’s quest for wholesome, sustainable food.” The video is extremely well done by Moonbot Studioes and set to the vocals of Finoa Apple singing the song, “Pure Imagination” from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”.

The Scarecrow has received almost 6 million views on YouTube in about a week and has gotten people talking. Can a national fast food company position themselves as the underdog?

What Does The Fox Say?

What does the fox say?
What does the fox say?
Ylvis – The Fox

What Does The Fox Say

Brothers Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker recently uploaded a video asking that very question. The video is called “The Fox” and it was meant as a promo for their talk show on Norway’s TVNorge. Since then the video has gone viral and is currently up to 28 million views on YouTube (10/15/13).

My kids are walking around the house singing the lyrics and that’s my true measurement of a viral hit. The video looks extremely professional and the song is definitely produced in a studio despite it’s silly content. I think this is going to start becoming the new formula for YouTube hits but I’m hoping that there’s still views left for little guys out there.

Cartoon Network’s 20th Anniversary Video

Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Video

Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary VideoI found another fun video to share here at GoodStuffAtHome and this time it’s from the Cartoon Network. Its the 20th anniversary of the Cartoon Network and besides making me feel pretty old, it’s also a pretty big milestone. Do you remember when you had to wait all week until Saturday morning to watch cartoons? Now there’s a few channels with nothing but cartoons, 24/7. Times have changed for the better. I don’t think my kids could survive with the TV options that I had available when I was young. And one of our TVs was even a black and white model. Oh, the horror!

But anyway, to celebrate, Cartoon Network has created this awesome video with tons of my favorite cartoon characters. Its a nice mix of old and new characters and its a lot of fun to see Shaggy, Scooby, Finn & Jake, Daffy, Mordecai & Rigby all together on screen at once. The video gets a little trippy in the middle but the ending is kind of epic. Good fun.

Favorite part: Muscle Man from Regular Show rocking the Flintstones car

Oppa Gangnam Style

Oppa Gangnam Style
Oppa Gangnam Style
Oppa Gangnam Style

Oppa Gangnam Style

The “Fun” category on this site is tragically underused. We could all use a little more fun in our lives, so I’m going to try to fill it up with some good stuff.

Have you seen the Oppa Gangnam Style video on YouTube. It’s a song by a Korean artist known as PSY. He’s pretty well known in the Korean Pop music scene (KPop) and I can see why. The song is catchy and the dance is simple, very silly but still awesome. I can totally see why it’s showing up everywhere. Even the parodies are excellent.

You can download the song from iTunes here. And check out the Official YouTube video below:

The dance has already become a popular internet meme. Check out the Baltimore Ravens punt returner doing a Oppa Gangnam Style touchdown celebration.

Here’s Nelly Furtado doing her version of Oppa Gangnam Style in a recent concert.

The Oregon Duck – Gangnam Style Parody

Here’s Psy at a baseball game on the jumbotron.

Chat Roulette (sorry can’t embed it)

The YouTube video currently has 130 millions views and growing fast. Congrats to PSY!

Warning: I’ve played his song and done the dance so much that I’ve annoyed the hell out of all my family members. Use caution.  🙂