Best Apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Getting an Amazon Fire TV Stick is a no brainer of a decision. You can watch TV and movies from all of the main streaming services. There are also a wide variety of casual games that can be downloaded. But this post isn’t about games, it’s about saying goodbye to cable TV. And here are the Best Apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick when it comes to cutting the cord.
Amazon Fire TV Stick

We recently cut the cord in our house. When our two year FIOS contract was up, Verizon wanted to raise the bill by $30/month for the same services. That didn’t sound like a good deal to me so I canceled it. Then I went to our local cable company (Optimum Online) and signed up for internet only service. And let me say that It really hasn’t been that big of an adjustment.

We were already used to watching shows on the Netflix App and also from Amazon Prime video because there was an Amazon Fire TV Stick on almost all of our TVs. If fact my teen kids never really even watch regular TV anymore. There’s always something like Glee or Lost playing in the background while they’re doing their teen things like social media and chatting.

Now if you don’t have Amazon Prime and you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, then that really wasn’t a smart move. Even if you download every one of the best apps for Amazon Fire Stick TV you’ll still be missing out. In fact, let me say that everyone should have Amazon Prime. As long as you buy a few things every year from Amazon it pays for itself in shipping costs. But there’s also other things included like Prime Video, Prime Reading, Prime Music, unlimited storage with Prime Photos and there’s other things too. Definitely get it if you don’t have it. Now with that out of the way, let me recommend what I think are the best apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick.


Best Apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Netflix - Best Apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Netflix – $9.99/month (two screens)
The Netflix app is definitely a must have for everyone who’s cut the cord. Netflix has the movies and TV shows that you’ll want to watch. And their original content is some of the best entertainment out there. Stranger Things, Daredevil, Orange is the New Black and Bloodline are huge hits. Just take a look at the winners of the Golden Globes or Emmys. Netflix shows are kicking butt.

Hulu - Best Apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Hulu – $7.99/month
My wife is a big fan of the Shondaland shows (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder) and the Chicago shows (Chicago PD, Fire & Med) so I signed up for Hulu. The shows are available 1 day after they air on TV and that’s fine because we haven’t watched live TV in years. Hulu also creates original shows and lots of them become the most buzzed about content out there. Shut Eye starring Jeffrey Donavan impressed my wife and I so much that we binged it in two days.

Free Apps

CW – Free
I’m a big fan of superhero shows and The CW has The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl & Legends of Tomorrow. The CW was smart enough to offer all of their content for free over the internet so not only am I a fan of their shows but I’m also impressed by their insight into the future of TV. Other networks have apps but you have to log in to them with your cable company account in order to watch the shows. The network executives must know that’s lame and short sighted.

YouTube – Free
YouTube has just become a part of our lives. No matter what you’re trying to do, there’s a video out on YouTube with someone teaching you how to do it. I just installed a shower head in our bathroom and I didn’t hire a plumber or read the instructions that came with it. I just watched a YouTube video. But how to videos aren’t all that YouTube has. There’s tons of entertaining channels out there.

CBS News – Free
CBS News has news running on this channel 24/7. Sometimes you need to see what’s going on in the world and this is a great place for that. There’s a live-ish fee and also the clips of the top stories.

ABC News (New York – Local News & Weather) – Free
ABC News is almost as good as CBS News but the content seems to be a little older. So if you like watching yesterday’s news, then try this out. I like ABC News for it’s local NY/NJ news.

Good Stuff to Watch on Netflix

March 2016

Another month is going by and we’re still thinking about cutting the cord and getting rid of our cable TV package. We currently have FIOS Triple Play. The Internet is awesome (75/75), the phone is worthless and TV is TV. Seriously, the phone is a waste of money but you don’t save anything if you cancel it. But if we also canceled TV, then we’d save some money.

Every month i look at what’s out there on Netflix to see if it would be enough to replace TV. This month looks pretty good.

Daredevil – Season 2
The blind superhero is back for more beating. He beats up a lot of bad guys but he also takes a lot of punishment while doing it. And this season he takes on The Punisher too. I’ve already watched the first 5 episodes of Season 2 and they are even better than Season 1.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Sword of Destiny
If you liked the first Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon then this one is probably not for you. But its a good thing that I wasn’t one of those artsy movie fans that loved the first movie. My opinion was “Ehh”. I’ve seen better Kung Fu movies and I wasn’t really into the trippy art aspect of the film. The sequel is a Netflix Original Movie and it’s a real Kung Fu movie. Huge action, awesome characters with interesting special skills and a confusing call to action, “The Iron Way”. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.

House of Cards Season 4
The new season of House of Cards also came out this month. I haven’t seen the first 3 seasons yet but I’ve heard nothing but great things about this show. And I was a big fan of The West Wing so lots of people keep suggesting this show to me. Definitely getting added to My List.

PeeWee’s Big Holiday
Now if you don’t like PeeWee Herman then you can skip this movie. But there’s a lot of people out there who do like him and I’m one of them. Added it to My List but I’ll have to watch it when my wife is doing a Law and Order binge or watching Scandal. She’s not a fan.

So will this be the month that we cancel cable TV? Probably not but there’s some good stuff to watch on Netflix anyway.

What’s the Song on the Samsung Wireless Charger Commercial?

Samsung Wireless Charging Commercial

Samsung Wireless Charging CommercialWhat’s the Song on the Samsung Wireless Charger Commercial?

Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head after you hear it on a TV commercial? Of course you have. It can be frustrating if it’s an annoying jingle but sometimes you may actually want to know the name of the song so that you can buy it or stream it or whatever. When I saw the Samsung Wireless Charger commercial, I was not annoyed. It’s a catchy tune and I wanted more. So I figured I could find it on Spotify or Amazon Prime Music. But no luck.

The reason I couldn’t find it at first was because I was searching for “What’s the Nicki Minaj song on the Samsung commercial”. And I even listened to just about every one of the Nicki Minaj songs on all of the streaming services too. I couldn’t find it because it isn’t Nicki Minaj.

So what’s the song on the Samsung wireless charger commercial? The name of the artist is Lady Leshurr and the name of the song is Queen’s Speech Ep. 4. And it seems like a lot of people have found this video way before I did because it has over ten million views already.

It turns out the whole song is better than the little bit they played in the commercial. I think that Samsung and their wireless charger missed a big opportunity here and should have included the part about brushing your teeth.

Here’s the lyrics to Queen’s Speech Ep. 4, 

I hold it down like a Snapchat
Go over your head like a snapback
Uploaded a pic, double tap that
And your flow’s so old, granddad (bruh)
It’s just banter
I’m way too much like a black cab (ay boss)
Why you Snapchatting in the club for?
Just dance, man
Like yo famalam, yo fam, yo famalam
Ain’t no gal badder than
I’m on the roads, caravan
Let me do this fast, Ramadan
Cause it’s going down, avalanche
I’m a keep it short, paragraph
Queen Lesh, I’mma reign, anorak
Take it off his rail, Nazareth
Oh Jesus, oh Lord, oh Jesus
A couple of snakey friends just Adam and Eve’d us
And there’s no debate on who’s better
I’ll turn a man to a girl like Bruce Jenner
I shell down the dance like bruuuuaaaaaa
Mi bruck down di dance like bruuuuaaaaaa
Dudududu, dudududu
I be the one they love, I be the don
They know where I’m from
01 to the 21, yo bredrin
Where has your hairline gone?

I can’t believe it, I can’t believe the cheek
Some girls wake up and don’t even brush their teeth
That’s a dead ting, that’s a bad breath ting
How could you talk my name and you ain’t even brushed your teeth?

Brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth

Bars cold like a tip top
You’ve got a pot belly like Rick Ross
Stiff gal do the tick tock
Big mouth gal, where’s your lips gone?
I ain’t got time to be ticked off
But I got a new wristwatch
Let’s go toe to toe, flip flops
I’ll make the crowd jump like Kris Kross (jump, jump)
I’ve got a dark skin friend that looks like Rachel Dolezal
And I’ve got a light skin friend that looks like Rachel Dolezal
Which one’s which? Not sure
Dem gal are clapped, encore
Don’t think you’re buff cause you’re wearing contour
Cause I’ll wipe your brows off
I’ll snatch your wig and your nails off (Bye Felicia)
I go blind, hands out
Like I’m at the nail shop
Look, these girls are bluffin’
They really ain’t on nuttin’
You can’t do dirt on me
(Are you gonna go and get your cousin?) What?
Everyting ain’t rosy, I beg you not
I’ll Queen Latifah and set it off
Then I bounce like a belly flop
Got one eye on your man, Fetty Wap
Yeah baby, I’m getting gwop
Watch me like Netflix
You go to the club
But you ain’t got dough for your gas and electric, dead ting

I can’t believe it, I can’t believe the cheek
Some man wake up and don’t even brush their teeth
How could you do that? How could you even speak?
How could you talk my name and you ain’t even brushed your teeth?

Brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth

Attack on Titan Opening

Attack on Titan OpeningAttack on Titan Opening

Recently I discovered Attack on Titan on Netflix. It’s an anime series about the last of humanity that lives behind these tall walls that protect them from the Titans. The Titans are these giant human looking naked monsters. Titans have no genitalia so I guess naked is the way to go in that situation. Sounds crazy right? Well it gets better. The Titans are creepy as hell with blank expressions or even worse, insane happy expressions on their faces. And they eat the humans! Definitely the stuff of nightmares.


Attack on Titan is also about the military that is trying to fight these Titans. We follow Eren, Mikasa & Arwin through their basic training. The military has these outstanding Omni-Directional mobility units and big ass swords to fight the Titans. The Omni-Directional mobility units are some kind of gas powered harness that shoots cables with hooks to propel the soldiers around the city and bring them high enough to fight with the Titans. There no way something like this could exist in real life but they’re really cool and when the soldiers use them, they move around like Spider-Man swinging from his webs. Really awesome!


Turns out I’m totally late to the party and Attack on Titan is becoming this gigantic pop culture phenomenon all over the world. It’s the number two best selling manga of 2014 and it’s getting even more popular. The live action movie version opened up number one in Japan despite less than glowing reviews with part 2 coming soon. And the movie is even coming to US theaters this fall with part 1 on September 30th. Part 2 will follow on October 20th.

Even the theme song is really good. I don’t speak Japanese but i find myself humming the opening all the time. And my teenage son who doesn’t like anything is actually watching the show now too. Usually he’s too cool to like anything that Dad likes.  He mocked me as I binged through the first season but now he’s totally into it. Once you hear the Attack on Titan Opening it really sucks you in.


And Game of Thrones has nothing on Attack on Titan when it comes to killing off main characters. Really anyone can die at any time in this series. The battle against the Titans is that hopeless.


So if you want to binge on 25 episodes of an outstanding, action packed, depressing, end of the world anime, then cue up Attack on Titan right now.


Here’s the Attack on Titan Opening lyrics to get you started.


Attack on Titan Opening
Unknown are the names of the flowers that have been trampled
Birds have fallen to Earth and long for the wind
Praying won’t solve anything,
Only the will to fight can change the here and now!
O pigs who laugh at the resolve to walk over corpses to move forward
Livestock complacency? False prosperity?
Give us the freedom of dying, starving wolves!
The humiliation of being caged is what triggers us to fight back
We hunters slaughter prey beyond the castle walls,
consumed with surging bloodlust,
as our crimson blows an arrows pierce scarlet holes into the twilight.

Shingeki no Kyojin 進撃の巨人 OP / Opening – “Guren no Yumiya”

America’s Got Talent Twitter Accounts

America's Got Talent
America's Got Talent
The America’s Got Talent Stage at NJPAC

America’s Got Talent Twitter Accounts

Many people have predicted that TV would go the way of the 8 Track tape because everyone’s time is being consumed by the Internet. They say that Millennials aren’t even buying TVs because they’re watching Netflix on their laptops instead of tuning to the big three networks at every night during prime time. Well this is a decent theory but I think they’ve got it wrong. I think the Internet is making TV even better.

For example, America’s Got Talent is a pretty good show. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a big talent show with Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B & Howie Mandel serving as judges. What makes this a great show is Twitter. Twitter makes watching America’s Got Talent a communal experience. Search for the hashtag #AGT on you’ve got all of America’s opinions right there in front of you. Love an act? Why not tweet about it? There will be tons of Twitter users who you will feel instantly closer to. Want to argue about why you feel like the guy chugging 15 pounds of raw eggs is not a million dollar act? Go for it and use that #AGT hashtag.

Now what I’ve done is put all the judges Twitter accounts, the host Nick Cannon & the official America’s Got Talent account in one list. This way when you’re watching, you can just keep refreshing the list to see the new tweets. The hosts are great about tweeting during the show too. It’s a great second screen experience.

America’s Got Talent Twitter List

It’s also useful after the show has aired. Let’s say your chatting with co-workers around the water cooler and you want to show them a video of this great act you saw last night. Pull up the Twitter list and you’ve got links to most of the acts you saw. The official AGT account is great at making video recaps and posting them.

TV is not going away anytime soon. Especially now that it’s gotten even better with the addition of Twitter.

Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness Lyrics

Have you seen the new Kung Fu Panda show on Nickelodeon yet? My son really likes it so I checked it out with him a few times and I’m glad I did. It’s really well done and is almost as good as the original Kung Fu Panda movie. Po, Master Shifu and the Furious Five are all back for more adventures. Now that Po is the Dragon Warrior his kung fu is excellent but he’s still a fat panda at heart and that makes for some funny situations. But the best part of the show is the opening theme song. The Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness Lyrics are awesome!

The theme song sounds sounds just like Jack Black who played Po the panda in the original movie and it’s 2 sequels but it’s not him. It’s actually a guy named Mick Wingert who is singing and he also voices the TV version of Po.

Here are the opening theme lyrics

Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness Lyrics:

Hear the legends of the Kung Fu Panda!

Raised in a noodle shop, never seeking glory or fame,

He climbed a mountain top and earned the Dragon Warrior name.

Ooh Ah Ya!

Kung Fu Panda!

Master Shifu saw the warrior blossom,

And master the skills of bodacious and awesome!

Kung Fu Panda!

He lives and he trains and he fights with the Furious Five,

Protect the valley something, something, something, something alive!

Ooh Ah Ya!

Kung Fu Panda!

Legends of Awesomeness.


And here’s a video of the opening theme.

But for more Kung Fu Panda Awesomeness, check out the iOS game:
Kung Fu Panda: Be The Master