Brisket Dry Rub Recipe

Dry Rub Recipe

In my quest to learn how to smoke meats, I have finally tried my hand at smoking a brisket. But today’s post is not about actually smoking the brisket, it’s about the prep work. I needed to find a good brisket dry rub recipe to get my brisket ready for the smoker.

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Smoked Meatloaf With Bacon

smoked meatloaf bacon weave-cooked

smoked meatloaf with bacon2I made a goal this summer to learn how to smoke. No, not cigarettes, that would be a terrible goal to set. I’m talking about meat. Smoking meats like a BBQ pit master has always been a goal of mine and this summer I took the first steps towards learning how. Now if you look at the prices of ribs or brisket at the supermarket, you’ll realize like I did that smoking meats is an expensive hobby. $50 for a brisket to learn how to smoke is not very affordable for me. What if I ruined it? I needed a cheaper way to learn and I came up with smoked meatloaf with bacon.

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