Candy Corn Bottles

candy corn bottles

Candy Corn BottlesAs far a decorating your house goes, Halloween is getting to be as popular as Christmas. It seems like everyone is going full-Griswold and really getting into it lately. And I can see why. Buying decor is alright but DIY holiday decorations are really fun to make. Here’s how I recycled some bottles and made Candy Corn bottles.

Bottles are awesome. Not only do they come filled with all kinds of great booze and other drinks but the bottle itself is like a work of art. Its tough to throw them in the recycling bin without thinking about what you can make with the empty bottle. I really am starting to believe that I have a little bit of a bottle fetish. It’s gotten so bad that when I’m in the liquor store shopping for my favorite brands, a lot of the time I wind up buying the best looking bottle instead.

painting-candy-corn-bottlesIn the past you may have seen my Patron tequila bottle citronella torches. Think about the craftsmanship that goes into a bottle of Patron. Each bottle is hand blown and slightly unique. But even the bottles that are made in factories by machines are awesome looking too. It’s really a shame to throw away art like that. I haven’t gotten my hands on one of those skull bottles with that vodka in it yet but that’s on my wish list.

So all you need to make Candy Corn bottle decorations is an empty bottle and some spray paint. Standard candy corn colors going from top to bottom are white, orange and yellow.

paint candy corn bottlesAt first I thought that the lines that separate the colors should be crisp. So I taped up the bottles and started added the orange to my freshly painted white bottles. I used some newspaper and painters tape to cover the top. But when it was dry and I checked them out. They didn’t quite look like Candy corns.

If you take a look at a real piece of candy corn, the colors really blend together. So that what did next. I held the bottle in my hand and painted the next color by eye. The colors blend together now and it looks much more like a real piece of candy.

Paint one color at a time and let the paint dry for a while between colors. If you don’t like how it comes out you can always paint the bottle over again after it’s all dry.

candy corn bottlesI gave these bottles to my wife and asked her to incorporate them into the other Halloween decor that we put our every year and she was actually impressed. She’s isn’t afraid to tell me when my projects look like crap so these Candy Corn bottles must look alright.

I have another bottle craft coming up for Halloween soon so stay tuned. I’ll actually try to get it posted before Halloween. Imagine that!

Glass Bottle Crafts

Glass Bottle Crafts Tiki Torch
Glass Bottle Crafts Tiki Torch
Repurposed Patron XO Cafe bottle

Glass Bottle Crafts

Patron XO Cafe is one of my favorite drinks. I always have a bottle of it sitting in my freezer ready to go.

Did you know that each and every patron bottle is handmade and slightly unique. Its a waste to get rid of these bottle when they’re empty so I found another use for them.

With a few dollars worth of plumbing equipment, you can make homemade tiki torches that are perfect on an outside table or bar. Fill them with citronella and you’ll keep the bugs away too.

Here are the pieces that you need.

  • Empty Glass Bottle
  • Silicone tape
  • Copper reduction coupling
  • Wick
  • Torch fuel
  • Cap
  • Wire
  • Paint (optional)

Wrap the silicone tape around the copper reduction coupling until it fits snuggly into the bottle. Not too tight because at some point you’ll to remove it to fill the bottle back up. Just tight enough so that the fuel doesn’t spill all over you when you’re carrying the torch from your garage to your patio. Now put the wick in. Fill the bottle with fuel and you’re all set.

You can spray paint the bottle before hand if you like. Choose a color that compliments your patio furniture.

You can also buy a cap and drill a small hole in it then thread some thin gauge wire through the hole and you have a torch cap to snuff out the flame or keep it dry when it rains.

Besides Patron bottles, you could also use any interesting liquor or glass beverage bottle. Wines bottles are great, 1800 tequila bottles, with their wide base and narrow top look great sitting on a table or a bar.

Next time you finish a bottle, don’t throw it out. You can make some great glass bottle crafts with empty bottles.