Leatherman Skeletool


Leatherman Skeletool One of the most exciting new trends in tools is the Skeleton Multitool. How much a multitool weighs is an important selling point for consumers so companies like Leatherman and Gerber have tried to reduce the weight of their tools as much as possible. The technique most often used is to replace the solid … Read more

Ninja Fishing

Ninja Fishing

Looking for a game that combines fishing and Ninjitzu? No? Well check out Ninja Fishing anyway because it’s a lot of fun.

How To Kitchen Compost

Kitchen Composting

I keep garbage on my counter and I’m proud of it. Used coffee grinds, tea bags, vegetable peels, left overs and even some of my junk mail. No, I’m not a disgusting slob, I’m a kitchen composter. By now even people with only a mild interest in starting a garden should have heard about how … Read more