Echo Show 10 Review

The Amazon Echo Show 10 is a voice-controlled smart device that comes equipped with a 10-inch HD screen. This device is part of Amazon’s popular line of Echo devices, which use the company’s intelligent personal assistant, Alexa, to help users stay connected, entertained, and informed in their homes. In this Echo Show 10 review, we … Read more

Black Manhattan Recipe

The Black Manhattan Recipe is a variation of the traditional Manhattan. So let’s start by looking at the history of the Manhattan Cocktail first. Origin of the Manhattan Cocktail The origins of the Manhattan Cocktail are a little bit of a mystery. There’s a great story about Winston Churchill’s mother hosting a party for a … Read more

Chili Cheese Burger Recipe

As I mentioned in my fajita burger recipe post, I’m working on a Cheeseburger Cookbook, so this weeks food post is going to be another burger. I should have started this cheeseburger cookbook a long time ago because I love testing all these burger recipes. Anyway, this week I’m making a chili cheese burger recipe. … Read more