Poor Man’s Burnt Ends Recipe

Poor Man's Burnt Ends Recipe

Poor Man's Burnt Ends RecipeWhen you go a really good BBQ place, you should definitely try the burnt ends. They are usually made when smoking a brisket. You cut off the fatty end and cut it into cubes and then smoke it some more. That works great if you’re a big BBQ joint and you’re smoking like 20 briskets. You’ll have plenty of burnt ends for your customers. But what about home smokers like me who just want to cook for the family? Well I found this poor man’s burnt ends recipe and I think it’s a great way to enjoy burnt ends at home.

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Smoked Butternut Squash

butternut squashSince I got my Char Broil The Big Easy Smoker/Roaster/Grill I’ve been smoking meats all the time. It was only a matter of time before I started smoking vegetables. And since it’s fall, then what better vegetable to smoke than the butternut squash. Butternut squash is the perfect fall vegetable because it’s a hearty winter squash but it has as sweet taste when roasted. That flavor when combined with smokey hickory wood are a great combination. This is how I make smoked butternut squash

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The Compost Bin Blog

Composting Egg Shells

Today’s blog post is all about my former life as a garden blogger. Way back in 2006, I started the Compost Bin blog. Now this is not to be confused with WatchItRot.com (no link because I don’t own it anymore) which was started several years before that. That was way before blogging was popular so I coded that site by hand in HTML. I had the awesome idea that I was going to put a webcam on my compost bin and people could visit and watch it rot. I never did get around to setting up the webcam but I did move on to the Compost Bin blog. That’s where I started garden blogging with a focus on composting to improve your gardening.

The blog got popular in the 2006 garden blogging world and it was a lot of fun. Here’s one of my first posts from that blog and check out those comments. No spammy links, no people trying to gain backlinks for SEO, just some good compost Q&A.

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Closing The Pool

I have a nice pool. Its a remnant from a more civilized age when I have a great job. My wife and I bought a house with a pool in 2000 then totally renovated the pool and surrounding hardscape in 2006. Big home equity loans were all the rage back then so we didn’t even flinch when the contractors told us how much it would cost to put in dry stone stacked retaining walls, paver patio, new steel pool walls and a new pool liner. We were like, “Where do we sign?” Now in 2017, times are tough. No more contractors or pool guys coming over to our house anymore. If I want some work done on the house its DIY or nothing. And to save about 4-5 hundred dollars every fall, you’ll fine me closing the pool myself.

swimming pool

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How To Smoke A Top Round Roast

Smoked Top Round Roast

My quest to learn as much as I can about smoking meat continues. Recently I’ve smoked a meatloaf and the whole family agreed that it was pretty tasty. So now it’s time to step it up a little and try a real piece of meat. I’m still not ready to try an expensive cut of meat like brisket yet so this time I’m going to try smoking a roast beef. If you want to know how to smoke a top round roast or at least how I do it, then read on.
Smoked Top Round Roast

What is Top Round?

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Smoked Meatloaf With Bacon

smoked meatloaf bacon weave-cooked

smoked meatloaf with bacon2I made a goal this summer to learn how to smoke. No, not cigarettes, that would be a terrible goal to set. I’m talking about meat. Smoking meats like a BBQ pit master has always been a goal of mine and this summer I took the first steps towards learning how. Now if you look at the prices of ribs or brisket at the supermarket, you’ll realize like I did that smoking meats is an expensive hobby. $50 for a brisket to learn how to smoke is not very affordable for me. What if I ruined it? I needed a cheaper way to learn and I came up with smoked meatloaf with bacon.

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