Neko Atsume Catbook

Neko Atsume Catbook

Do you like collecting cats? How about being visited by cats and then taking their pictures? No, not in real life. That would be weird. But there’s a great iOS game called Neko Atsume where you collect cats and take pictures of them.

You put out food and toys for the cats to play with and if you’re lucky they’ll come and visit you. When you obsessively check the game every free chance you get, you can actually see and take pictures of the cats in your house or yard. And as you take pictures of them, the pictures go into your Neko Atsume Catbook.

It’s a totally odd game but it’s strangely addictive. If you put out different toys or different kinds of food you get different cats to come and visit. Trying to figure out all combinations is a lot of fun. And then there’s a fat cat named Tubbs who comes and eats all the food that you put out. Tubbs is evil.

Do you want to see all of the cats that I’ve collected in Neko Atsume? I now have every single cat including the new ones from the March update, Apricot, Ganache, Sapphire & Jeeves. (Last updated April 2016)

Here’s a video of my Neko Atsume Catbook.