Lawn Twister

Lawn Twister
Looks like fun to me!

Outdoor Twister

In the About Me page of this blog, I explain that I’m not some super handy, project finishing, Next HGTV Star type of person. I just like to try things. Not all of my projects get finished or come out great. But I’m okay with that. The part that I like is trying new things. This past week, I tried something I saw on Pinterest and I thought it came out great. My Outdoor Twister game looked really cool and I was expecting it to be loads of fun for my kids but i was wrong. How can you hate Outdoor Twister?

My son’s 11th birthday party was Friday night and he wanted to invite people over for pool and bbq. We have a few things to do like a trampoline, badminton, ladder ball, etc. in the yard but it’s always good to have lots of stuff to do when you’re having a party. So I decided to add an Outdoor Twister play area just like what I saw on Pinterest.

All you need to do to make Outdoor Twister is cut a hole in a carboard box to use as a template and then paint a bunch of circles on your lawn. Nice and easy project. The best paint to use is called marking paint. The nozzle face down and those landscapers that you see on HGTV use them to mark up a garden beds or future water features and things like that. Marking paint also comes in the same colors that make up a Twister board. Red, Yellow, Blue & Green. Using a cut out circle template (I used a cardboard box) paint the grid on your lawn to look just like a Twister board and make it as big as you want. We were having about 15 kids over for the party so I made about 20 rows.

Lawn Twister PaintThen you can use a regular Twister spinner if you like or there are several Twister Spinner apps in the iTunes app store that are free. The app store really has everything you’ll ever need.

The party was going great and the kids were having a lot of fun in the pool and running around and then I gave my son a little nudge, “why don’t you guys go play Twister?” And they were off. The kids disappeared for a while and I kept myself occupied by making margaritas for some of the adult guests. In about 5 minutes all the kids were back complaining that there feet were green. The marking paint is more like the chalky stuff that they paint the lines of sports fields with, so some of it comes off on whatever touches it. But within a few minutes of walking around the green was gone from their feet. No big deal. But they continued to complain about their green feet and never went back to play anymore outdoor Twister.

Oh well, I guess this project didn’t work out too well. I wouldn’t file this under a Pinterest Fail type of project because the board came out exactly how I wanted it. It was just that the kids weren’t too interested. Back to the drawing board.