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Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness Lyrics


Have you seen the new Kung Fu Panda show on Nickelodeon yet? My son really likes it so I checked it out with him a few times and I’m glad I did. It’s really well done and is almost as good as the original Kung Fu Panda movie. Po, Master Shifu and the Furious Five are all back for more adventures. Now that Po is the Dragon Warrior his kung fu is excellent but he’s still a fat panda at heart and that makes for some funny situations. But the best part of the show is the opening theme song. The Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness Lyrics are awesome!

The theme song sounds sounds just like Jack Black who played Po the panda in the original movie and it’s 2 sequels but it’s not him. It’s actually a guy named Mick Wingert who is singing and he also voices the TV version of Po.

Here are the opening theme lyrics

Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness Lyrics:

Hear the legends of the Kung Fu Panda!

Raised in a noodle shop, never seeking glory or fame,

He climbed a mountain top and earned the Dragon Warrior name.

Ooh Ah Ya!

Kung Fu Panda!

Master Shifu saw the warrior blossom,

And master the skills of bodacious and awesome!

Kung Fu Panda!

He lives and he trains and he fights with the Furious Five,

Protect the valley something, something, something, something alive!

Ooh Ah Ya!

Kung Fu Panda!

Legends of Awesomeness.


And here’s a video of the opening theme with lyrics.

But for more Kung Fu Panda Awesomeness, check out the iOS game:
Kung Fu Panda: Be The Master

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  1. Painsake13 December 5, 2011

    i know that it is ripping off another song but can’t think of what it is, got any idea’s?

    1. Anthony December 6, 2011

      I think it sounds a lot like the songs that Jack Black sang in School of Rock. And they were basically his humorous take on 80ies metal.

    2. Kirsty Mexted December 16, 2011

      i knw ae mn

      1. Kristenn234 March 28, 2012


  2. CC December 11, 2011


  3. Robotunicorn77 December 15, 2011

    hahahha i lve it

  4. Kirsy Mexted December 16, 2011

    dat waz soooooooooooo funny who made dis hahahahahahahahah:)

  5. Cami December 20, 2011

    Haha! I can’t stop singing it. 🙂 Love that song.

  6. Dani December 20, 2011

    Omg I never payed attention to who’s voice it was because it sounds like Jack Black, and I assumed it was him. But, he really does sound like him. I watch KP with my son everyday, and yes, I will admit that the theme song is my favorite part. I actually found your post by searching for the lyrics. Thanks for the info 😉

  7. Tayabi2003 January 15, 2012

    Very Kung fu ish

  8. Dinahlee10 January 20, 2012

    Me too. Sweet. Hehe. CAnt stop. Singin it now

  9. Miranda Lynn24 February 2, 2012

    My sister, who’s like 13 knows this whole song…

    1. K June 28, 2013

      Lol, it’s not that long to memorize!

  10. Gstahlmann9 February 4, 2012

    I like that theme song you idiot!!!

  11. Erinqkrueger February 4, 2012

    I love singing this song!!!!!!! This warms my heart!!<33

  12. Josh_durham48 March 28, 2012

    i love kung fu panda!!!!!! bestest theme song ever!!!

  13. Savannah Durham March 28, 2012


  14. Fuckmeallnight March 28, 2012

    I <3 love this song!!!! :)))

    1. Bobmartin March 28, 2012

      your so imature…

      1. Fuckmeallnight March 28, 2012

        fuck you!!! stupid cunt licker get a life(((:

        1. Bobmartin March 28, 2012

          grow the fuck up!

          1. Kristenn234 March 28, 2012

            you all need to calm down with at foul language i mean get real…

  15. Spawnatron June 1, 2012

    does anyone no what the real song is the ending sounds like it is from a song then they remixed it to this?

  16. leaanae July 21, 2012

    haha funny and awesome

  17. Patrick Ross Flanagan December 5, 2012

    I love this song too – totally sets the tone for the series that is in perfect synch with the movies, and might as well be Jack Black as it sounds like him so well. I realised I’d learned the song, and I pulled up the lyrics and left messages on my nephew’s and parents voicemail singing it to them 😛 LOL! LEGENDS OF AWESOMENESS…. -sweet- 😉

    1. K June 28, 2013

      Wow, you singed it to your nephew’s and parent’s and sent it to them on voice mail? Best… person… ever!

  18. TheAddicted BigGamester November 22, 2013

    I like the part we he says, ‘Something something something something alive!’ Also this part, ‘Legends of awesomeness, sweet!’

  19. TheAddicted BigGamester November 22, 2013

    where he says*