How To Kitchen Compost

I keep garbage on my counter and I’m proud of it. Used coffee grinds, tea bags, vegetable peels, left overs and even some of my junk mail. No, I’m not a disgusting slob, I’m a kitchen composter.

By now even people with only a mild interest in starting a garden should have heard about how great compost is. It feeds the plants, it feeds the soil and it’s free to make. You really can’t beat compost.

During the winter, it’s not always fun to take food scraps out to the compost bin. My bins are at the far end of my property so I can’t just poke my head outside and toss stuff in. It’s definitely a shoes and coat required affair. That’s why I bought a Compost Crock.

It’s nice to have a container right there on your counter to toss garbage into. Mostly I use it for coffee grinds and egg shells but other stuff would be fine too. The crock kind of looks like a cookie jar so I don’t mind having it on the counter. And there’s a carbon filter in the lid so it doesn’t smell before I eventually take it out to the compost heap.

Even if all you use your kitchen compost bin is your used coffee grinds, it’ll still do wonders for your garden.

I used to use a Tupperware container and just keep it in the freezer so it wouldn’t smell but I have this one from now. Kitchen Compost Crock, Brilliant White.

So stop throwing out those vegetable peels and other kitchen waste and start kitchen composting.

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