Halloween Poison Bottle

Halloween Poison Bottle

Halloween Poison BottleThe other day I said there were more posts about Halloween decor coming up and I’m actually going to follow through on that statement. In that last post about Candy Corn Bottles, I mentioned that I have a little bit of a bottle fetish. One of my favorite bottles is this jug bottle that a beer called Mississippi Mud comes in. The beer is a Black and Tan variety and it’s really good. So it’s a win win situation for me because I get to drink a decent beer and then I get a great looking empty that I can turn into a Halloween poison bottle.

Mississippi Mud BottleAnd that jug sort of looks like something a pirate would drink out of so I got the idea to make a Poison Bottle for Halloween. This was such a quick and easy decoration to make that I decided that I’d start a new YouTube channel and put this up as my first video.

To make the Halloween Poison Bottle, first you need to spray paint the bottle black. It’s already a dark brown looking bottle but having it completely black is the way to go.
Chalk Marker

One the paint is dry, the next step is to use a white chalk marker and draw a skull on the bottle. If you haven’t used a chalk marker yet, you have to give them a try. They’re like paint markers but they are much neater. And the best part is that if you mess up, you can wash it off and start over.

And even though I used chalk marker to draw the poison skull and cross bones, you do not need to use chalk board paint on the bottle. Just regular spray paint works fine. But keep in mind that flat black will probably come out better looking than glossy black.

So there you have it, one Halloween Poison Bottle. And like I said, here’s my first YouTube video that I made while working on this project. Many more videos to come.