Espoma Reinvents Lawn Care

Lawn ChemicalsAs a big believer in organic lawn care it really bothers me how clueless the average homeowner really is about all those chemicals that they’re dousing their yards with. Seriously, most people don’t have a clue. I’ve had this conversation many times with friends and family.

Nice lawn Anthony. What do you use?
I don’t use any chemicals.
Oh I don’t either. But I do the Scotts program twice a year.

It’s just makes me sad. I’m mean isn’t it common sense that anything that prevents you from walking on your lawn until in rains can not be good for you. And then where does it go after it rains too. Sad…

Well I could go off on this topic all day long but what I wanted to share today is the new commercial from Espoma. If you haven’t heard of The Espoma Company they are makers of organic fertilizers that you can actually find in all of the big box stores. I use Espoma’s Holly-tone fertilizer for my blueberries, hydrangeas, rhododendrons and azaleas. Holly-tone is great for acid loving plants.

Now if you remember the old Apple Computer commercial from 1984 you’ll get a kick out of this. They must have some serious geeks in their marketing department.

Like I said before I don’t use any products on my lawn. I just mulch my grass clippings and keep it watered. Occasionally I’ll also top dress any problem areas with compost. Then when cutting it, I’ll keep the mower blade pretty high so that the weeds never get a chance to take over. I don’t mind some clover in the lawn because that attracts lightning bugs. And if you put a nice edge on even a lawn full of weeds, it’ll look great.

I probably won’t use this new lawn stuff from Espoma but at least now I can recommend something to my lawn product loving friends.