Crock Pot BBQ Meatballs

Need to bring an appetizer to a football party? Want something that is really easy to make but is still delicious? Crock Pot BBQ Meatballs are the way to go.

crock pot bbq meatballs

And when I say easy, I really mean easy.  You know how all the “easy” recipes that you find on Pinterest turn out to have like 10 ingredients and require a cooking degree or a sous chef to help you?  Well this is not one of those recipes. There are only 3 ingredients that are easily bought at any supermarket. And all you have to do is put them into the crock pot. You don’t even have to plate them or worry about a serving tray. Just put the crock pot out at your party or bring it to someone else’s party. Most homes now a days have electricity. You can plug that crock pot right in the wall.


crock pot bbq meatballs ingredients
One, two, three! Three ingredients, ah, ah, ahh

The 3 ingredients are frozen meatballs, BBQ sauce and grape jelly.  I get all 3 of them at Trader Joe’s. Now obviously if you want the best tasting Crock Pot BBQ Meatballs in the history of football parties then I recommend that you make those 3 ingredients from scratch.


Homemade meatballs are awesome. Same goes with BBQ sauce and grape jelly. You can even grow your own grapes in your garden and make homemade jelly if you want bring the maximum possible flavor to these meatballs. But this blog post is about making an easy recipe to bring to a football party. Sometimes I’m that “cook everything from scratch guy” but not today.

How To Make Crock Pot BBQ Meatballs

So anyway, getting back to the simplicity of this appetizer, just pick up 2 bags of party meatballs, you know the smaller ones that you can stab and pick up with a toothpick. A bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce and a jar a grape jelly.

And there’s really nothing to it. As you can see in this video on the my YouTube Channel, (please Like & Subscribe) you open the packages and put the meatballs, jelly and BBQ sauce into the crock pot and then cook it on high for about 2 hours.


I do have one warning for this recipe. Don’t leave the crock pot on high while you’re at the party. They meatballs will heat up to the temperature of lava and no one wants to put lava in their mouths. Switch it to low and let them cool down so that you don’t burn your guests. Enjoy!