Composting Leaves

composting leaves

Don’t waste your leaves by dragging them to the curb.

Composting Leaves

Every fall in my New Jersey town, all my neighbors rake their leaves into big piles in front of their houses. These leaf piles are everywhere and it’s even hard to drive sometimes. But at some point before winter is in full swing, the town sends out a big truck with a giant Dr. Seuss looking vacuum hose to suck up all these leaves and take them away. And every fall, I always say, “What a waste!”

For someone who makes compost, leaves are a gift. People can talk all they want about kitchen composting and saving coffee grounds but if you compost at home, leaves make it much easier.

Driving around my town and seeing all the leaf piles, I always thought that I was the only fool who felt this way about leaves but apparently I’m in good company. Check out this TEDx Talk given by Mike McGrath about composting.