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Composting Egg Shells

Today’s blog post is all about my former life as a garden blogger. Way back in 2006, I started the Compost Bin blog. Now this is not to be confused with (no link because I don’t own it anymore) which was started several years before that. That was way before blogging was popular so I coded that site by hand in HTML. I had the awesome idea that I was going to put a webcam on my compost bin and people could visit and watch it rot. I never did get around to setting up the webcam but I did move on to the Compost Bin blog. That’s where I started garden blogging with a focus on composting to improve your gardening.

The blog got popular in the 2006 garden blogging world and it was a lot of fun. Here’s one of my first posts from that blog and check out those comments. No spammy links, no people trying to gain backlinks for SEO, just some good compost Q&A.

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