Black Manhattan Recipe

The Black Manhattan Recipe is a variation of the traditional Manhattan. So let’s start by looking at the history of the Manhattan Cocktail first. Origin of the Manhattan Cocktail The origins of the Manhattan Cocktail are a little bit of a mystery. There’s a great story about Winston Churchill’s mother hosting a party for a … Read more

Chili Cheese Burger Recipe

As I mentioned in my fajita burger recipe post, I’m working on a Cheeseburger Cookbook, so this weeks food post is going to be another burger. I should have started this cheeseburger cookbook a long time ago because I love testing all these burger recipes. Anyway, this week I’m making a chili cheese burger recipe. … Read more

Fajita Burger Recipe

I could eat a burger every day of the week. That’s why I’m writing a burger cookbook (I’ll discuss that more some other time). But having the same burger every day of the week sounds pretty boring. I think that burgers are totally versatile and up for anything and that’s why I came up with … Read more