Cartoon Network’s 20th Anniversary Video

Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary VideoI found another fun video to share here at GoodStuffAtHome and this time it’s from the Cartoon Network. Its the 20th anniversary of the Cartoon Network and besides making me feel pretty old, it’s also a pretty big milestone. Do you remember when you had to wait all week until Saturday morning to watch cartoons? Now there’s a few channels with nothing but cartoons, 24/7. Times have changed for the better. I don’t think my kids could survive with the TV options that I had available when I was young. And one of our TVs was even a black and white model. Oh, the horror!

But anyway, to celebrate, Cartoon Network has created this awesome video with tons of my favorite cartoon characters. Its a nice mix of old and new characters and its a lot of fun to see Shaggy, Scooby, Finn & Jake, Daffy, Mordecai & Rigby all together on screen at once. The Cartoon Network Video gets a little trippy in the middle but the ending is kind of epic. Good fun.

Favorite part: Muscle Man from Regular Show rocking the Flintstones car

Cartoon Network Video – 20th Anniversary