Black Box Wine Review

Black Box Wine Review

Black Box WineThere was a time when wine that came in a box was considered uncouth. But times have changed and now it’s perfectly acceptable for a wine container to be square. And sometimes boxed wine is even the better option. Not all the time but there are circumstances that sometimes a box of wine is the better option. Let me explain while I review this new Black Box Wine Merlot.

Black Box Wine comes in a great looking black box. That box contains about 4 bottles worth of wine. And you know what costs less than a bottle? that’s right a box. And those savings are passed on to you. So a 3 liter box only cost about $20. Now that’s a good deal.

The Black Box Wine is not just a giant juice box. You see there’s a bladder inside the box that keeps the air out and the wine fresh. Air is the enemy of wine but this bag in a box solution seems to work really well. I’ve had a Black Box Wine Merlot for about 3 weeks and it still tastes the same as when it was first opened.

How Does it Taste?

So how does it taste? Now remember that I’m not a wine snob and I can’t tell you that a certain wine has hints of vanilla and tea leaves but I know what tastes good. This wine taste’s good. It’s perfect to put in your home bar for a nice glass of wine during the week or even when an unexpected guest drops by. Would I use it for a special occasion? No. But as a day to day wine, it’s perfect. Use it for cooking too.

Black Box Wine MerlotLong term storage is the only issue. Drink it within a few months. This is not wine that will improve in your wine cellar. This is wine that you should drink. Which is a shame because the wine boxes stack so neatly. But I don’t consider having to drink the wine a negative so this really isn’t a big issue. If you’re looking for expensive wine to put in your wine cellar and never drink, they look else where.

Another good thing about not having a bottle is the carbon footprint. The box takes less energy to make and there’s less packing waste. You can recycle the box too.

So my review of Black Box Wine is positive. There’s a time for fancy wine and popping corks but there’s also room for boxed wine. The taste, the convenience and the cool package make this wine something that you should try.