Best Margarita Recipe

Best Margarita Recipes

When you think of tequila, you probably think of a margarita. The margarita is one of the most popular tequila drinks around today. And it’s no wonder because they taste great and also pack quite a punch. I know a place in Hoboken, NJ that has a three drink maximum policy for it’s margaritas because they’re loaded so loaded with tequila that after three you can still stagger home. After four, you’re a lost cause (Don’t ask me how I had 4) Even though they’re so strong you’d never know it from the taste. These margaritas are that good.

As usual with most drinks there are many ways to make this drink and then many variations on top of that. I’ve already discussed my margarita concoction machine in a previous post and that really helps me make a great margarita. But another important part of making the best margarita is the recipe. The key ingredients are tequila, triple sec and lime juice. The ratios that I think are the best are as follows:

Margarita Ingredient Ratios:

  • 3 Parts – Tequila
  • 2 Parts – Triple Sec
  • 1 Parts – Lime Juice

So when you’re making a margarita at home it’s pretty easy to remember, 3:2:1. Whether you make it frozen, straight up or on the rocks, 3-2-1 is the way to go. Serve in a salt rimmed glass and garnish with a lime. You can add some more lime juice if you want but

As with all recipes whether they’re for cocktails or even food, the key is quality ingredients. Cheap tequila that you can find on sale at your local liquor store will result in a cheap tasting margarita. Fresh lime juice can also make a huge difference in how the drink tastes. Go the extra mile and squeeze some limes if you want to impress your guests. Once you become a master margarita maker, you may have to impose a 3 drink maximum at all your parties.