Bath & Body Works Collection & Storage

Bath & Body Works Collection & Storage

Like many young girls in this day and age, my daughter has a very serious condition. Right now there is no cure for this condition and it mostly goes undiagnosed in teen girls around the county. The upside is that she always smells very nice. The downside is the clutter of Bath & Body Works products scattered all over her room. Yes, I’m here to admit that my daughter is a Bath & Body Works hoarder.


I’m kidding about the hoarding but not really. Girls all over seem to love these products that Bath & Body Works come out with. It’s not just about smelling nice, it’s about collecting them all. And I can see why with catchy products like PocketBacs, Fine Fragrance Mists, Shower Gels, Body Lotions, Room Sprays and Handibacks. And the scents all have very collectable names like Sheer Cotton Lemonade, Amber Blush, Twisted Peppermint, Pink Lemonade Fizz, Vineyard Champagne Kiss, Be Joyful and Velvet Sugar.

Bath & Body Works Collection

For Christmas, as requested she received some Bath & Body Works gift cards. And because she follows Bath & Body Works on social media she knew when they were having a big sale and counted down the days. When it was time, she hit that store hard with surgical precision and came home with the maximum possible haul.
But where are you supposed to store all of this stuff? These giant collections don’t fit in a bathroom cabinet or in a vanity drawer. For the time being, her dresser would have to do. But apparently just having these products is only part of the collecting process. You all have to display them and post them online for your friends to see. Then you get tons of Likes and replies like “Ooh, where did you get that?”  And “Nice collection.”

So the entire dresser was covered with these products. And if she opened up one of the drawers too quickly, there would be an avalanche of Bath & Body Works. Then my daughter would spend time standing everything back up again in the proper order instead of getting ready to catch the school bus. Bath & Body Works Organization is not a valid excuse for being late to school. No, the dresser wouldn’t do. Plus the normal things that go on top of a dresser were also scattered all over the room.
Vanity After
And here’s the After
I needed to build my daughter some shelves so she could keep this collection neat and organized. Shelves are pretty easy to build. All you need is some wood and I just happened to have have a lot of that laying around from other projects. To hold the shelves up on the wall you can use shelf brackets or you can create floating style shelves without them. But I went for more of a shallow picture ledge type of shelf. Basically an L shaped shelf that could be quickly put together and screwed into a wall stud.

As you can see in the video, these aren’t anything fancy but they really display her collection nicely. And having them located next to her vanity is nice because it’s within arms reach.


Building some quick shelves to keep my daughter more organized was a fun project and she even got involved and helped with the painting. Now if we could only do something about her nail polish collection.