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Bacardi Bat Logo


As a big fan of rum, I’ve probably spent way too much time looking at bottles of Bacardi. It’s just something you do when drinking rum punch or a hurricane. But have you ever noticed the Bacardi Bat Logo on the bottle? After a little bit of research I discovered the reason why Bacardi uses a bat logo for it’s rum.

Bacardi Bat Logo

Bacardi Bat Logo

Legend has it that when the founder of Bacardi was looking for a factory to start a distillery, he found a building that had fruit bats living up in the roof. This was considered to be a good omen so he bought the factory.

And then when he was ready to start selling Bacardi Rum, it was his wife who suggested using the bat logo because it was easily recognizable. And since many of their customers were illiterate (this was in Cuba in the late 1800s), it would be easier for them to pick out the bottle that contained, “el ron de murcielagos”, the rum of the bats.


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