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Hi, my name is Anthony and I like doing good stuff at home. So it would make sense that I’d start a site called GoodStuffAtHome, right? No, I’m not a shut in or anything like that, I leave the house all the time. I just like the fact that there’s a lot of good things that you can do at home so I thought I’d create a site about the stuff that I try.

My weekends are usually spent gardening, cooking or doing home improvement. I also like to do woodworking projects and it would be awesome if I could get into the whole maker movement as well. I spend my “me time” reading books or enjoying movies and trying to entertain my kids. Involving the kids in my projects is something I try to do but definitely would like to do better.

And all of this will hopefully make for an interesting website. They say that you should blog about something that you enjoy so that you never run out of ideas for content. I’ll probably run out of free time long before I’m out of ideas.

And while I’m documenting all of this stuff that you can do at home, I might as well document what’s going on with the business of this site. Website design, social media strategies, marketing and maybe we’ll even get into iphone app programming. I’ve got some ideas for iphone/ipad apps that fit within the topics discussed here.

I’ve also written a cookbook that will be published in September, 2011. It’s called The Everything Panini Press Cookbook. That was a lot of fun and hopefully there will be another book in my future.

Now, I’m not new to the online content world. I’ve been a blogger for a long time. I go by compostman on twitter and ran an okay blog called TheCompostBin for a long time. Besides that I’ve dabbled in many niches and have started about 30 different sites. I plan on pulling the best of that content and rewritting it, improving it and posting it here. Better, stronger, faster.

It’s not like I’m the be all end all guru in these home based topics. No way, I’m actually far from it. I’m nothing like Martha Stewart or Bob Villa or anything but I do like to try new things Sometimes my projects are successful, sometimes not so much. In fact I have quite a few crash and burns that my wife will never let me live down. The point is that trying new things and making stuff is fun. This site is not to brag about all the cool stuff I try but to hopefully inspire you to try some good stuff at your home too. I’m inspired by stuff I see on the web all the time and I plan on linking to those sources of inspiration as much as possible.

If you have some ideas for projects that might interest me or if you want to share something cool that you’ve done, you can get in touch with me using the Contact Page or by leaving comments on the site.

2 thoughts on “About GoodStuffAtHome”

  1. Hi Anthony,

    Just wondering if you could please pass on the dimensions and materials of the grape vine netting setup.??
    I’ve got a trailer I’d just like the materials and dimensions if I may.

    I’ve got a small vineyard down here on the coast of Eastern Australia and am in need of a solution like you guys have.

    Hope to here from you soon…



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