Entrance Makeover 

Entrance Makeover After

I’m a big fan of a lot of home decorating blogs. I like when they do a room makeover and there’s lots of before and after pictures. Those are always pretty fun. So I thought why not give it a try. I’m already doing a lot of DIY projects. Why not pick a spot in our house that needs an update and get it done and then blog about it. Well that’s what I’ve done. This post is going to be about my Entrance Makeover. 

Here’s the before picture

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What To Do With An Old Computer

old computer

I’ve been working as a computer programmer or part of the IT department for about 23 years now. And as you can guess, I’ve had a few computers over the years. It seems like every few years you need a new one. So I’m often asking myself what to do with an old computer? Well here’s what I did last weekend.

The weather in NJ is warming up and it’s time to convert my garage from storage mode (where you can’t walk in it) to workshop mode. I’ll be putting the overwintered banana trees back in the ground and the patio furniture can go back outside too. What a luxury to be able to build something inside the garage again. At some point I’ll get a decent shed to store this winter stuff but that  didn’t happen last fall.

What is Peppermint?
What is Peppermint?

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How To Make Homemade Tomato Sauce

When you’re an Italian and your name is Anthony and you’re living in New Jersey, it’s a given that you should know how to make tomato sauce from scratch. So here’s my recipe for how to make homemade tomato sauce.

It’s a shame about the whole carbs are bad thing because I could eat pasta or pizza every day of the week. And besides the carbs, both pasta and pizza and have one thing in common that makes them delicious, it’s the tomato sauce. This is post is about how to make homemade tomato sauce for pasta. It’s a meat sauce and it’s great on lasagna or baked ziti or even just plain spaghetti. If you’re goal is to make pizza sauce, you probably don’t want to use this recipe. Now you definitely could use it for homemade pizza if you’re only alternative is something out of a jar. This will be much better than that. But if you do, then add a little oregano when you spread the sauce on the pizza dough and you’ll be fine.
canned tomatoes
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Widening a Doorway Quickly – The New Fridge That Didn’t Fit

Delivery will be on Thursday sometime between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. That’s what we were told when we purchased our new Samsung French Door refrigerator at Best Buy.  But let’s just say there were some complications.

Our old refrigerator was white and our stove, microwave and dishwasher are stainless steel. That’s what happens when you do a kitchen renovation yourself. You see buying a new fridge that matches all of your other appliances just wasn’t in the budget at the end of that project. So the white fridge was an eyesore for a few years but at least it worked. Well it worked until it didn’t.
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Smoking a Small Brisket

smoked brisket

Ever since I got the Char Broil Big Easy Smoker, I’ve been wanting to smoke a brisket. Well I finally did it. I didn’t buy a huge brisket and spend a lot of money. No this was a very small one so that in case I messed it up, it wouldn’t be a waste of money. Let me tell you about my experience smoking a small brisket.

You’d think that smoking a very small very inexpensive brisket would take the pressure off but I really like good BBQ and wanted it to come out great. So the pressure was on. In my last post I discussed the dry rub recipe that I used. I put that dry rub on and let it sit for a several hours. It was at least 6 hours and since it was only a small brisket, it did the trick.

small brisket

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