DIY Lightbox for Photography

As I mentioned in my last post, when it comes to photography, I’m on a tight budget. You can spend thousands of dollars on camera gear and accessories and still not have what you need to get a great shot. But since I don’t have thousands of dollars and I’m a DIYer, there are always ways to get around these limitations.

DIY Lightbox for Photography

For example, when I want to get a well lite shot of a great looking sandwich or something, I’ll put it in my DIY lightbox. I didn’t buy this lightbox, I just painted the inside of a cabinet with a reflective white and put in little brackets to hang some clip on lights. It’s works great.

Recently I built a quick and easy holder for photography backdrops and made a YouTube video about the project. Sometimes I don’t want the edge of the cabinet in the background so with one of these rolls of fabric (white or black) I make the edge disappear. This way the focus is on the subject of the picture and not the background.

If you have an unused cabinet or even a old cardboard box you can build a DIY lightbox for photography too.

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